Environmental Policy Statement

BM Group upholds the concept of sustainable development and provides employees a safe, harmonious working environment, as well as embracing corporate environmental responsibility. To this end, we’re committed to green policy: “Energy Conservation, Waste Reduction, Resource Recycling and Regulatory Compliance” and expect to build a better environment for our future generations.

BM Group has adopted a philosophy of ‘beyond minimum compliance’ at all levels of its operations to ensure that the impact of pollution and environmental disruption is reduced as much as possible.

This will involve: –

  • Compliance with all environmental legal requirements, regulations and guidance.
  • Integration of environmental factors into business decisions.
  • Planning work systems and practices so as to give due consideration as to their potential environmental impact.
  • So far as it is possible to prevent the illegal deposit, disposal or treatment of controlled waste by any person where that waste has been, or will be under the control of the company.
  • Where possible seek to influence the design and specification of construction projects so as to ensure that environmental impact is minimised as far as it reasonably practical.
  • Ensuring considered use of resources of all kinds, including the promotion of recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.
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